Kenny E. Scott Jr. | Business Manager


Business Manager/Financial Secretary-Treasurer
Kenneth E. Scott, Jr.

Business Agent
Thomas A. Flavell

Michael E. Mueller

Michael B. Turner

Board and Committee Members

Executive Board

Ralph Marinello
Michael Kipple
Jeff Ray
Jay Cerione

Finance Committee

Pierre A. Patenaude
Jason Hebbert
Robert Heslekrants


Michael Didona
Richard J. Folkman

Recording Secretary

Javier Garcia

Training Coordinator

Jason Hebbert

Examining Committee

Clayton Peterson
Thomas Flavell
Inside Guard
Phil Rodin

Apprenticeship Committee

Thomas A. Flavell
Robert T. Heslekrants
Michael E. Mueller
Kenneth E. Scott, Jr.

Holding Corporation

Michael B. Turner
Kenneth E. Scott, Jr.
Thomas A. Flavell



UA Local 725 is located just outside Miami in Opa Locka, FL. In addition to dramatic skylines, gorgeous beaches, and sensational nightlife, Miami has become a dynamic international crossroads of commerce, culture, year-round sports and outdoor activities, entertainment, dining, and shopping.

Our Address
UA 725
13185 NW 45th Avenue
Opa Locka, FL 33054.
Call Us
Broward 954-523-2424
Dade 305-681-8596
Toll Free 1-800-325-6194
Fax 305-688-1139